Game Wisdom

Want to know what top players are playing and how they are succeeding?

Games have been there for a lot of time. A lot of people know games are played for entertainment, enjoyment and as a good way to pass the time. What a lot of people don’t get is that the scores and levels in the game make them even more interesting. People play games more often to compete with other players. It is even more interesting when the competing players are known socially to the player.

Almost all the top grossing games on Android and iPhone are games which have competitiveness. Take for example Clash of Clans or Game Of War or Virtual families 2 games these games are all socially connected. Players chat with their friends and families. The other players can see the progress made by the player and can see their attack strategies and level of items.

This socially attractive game features make the games even more enjoyable and of course competitive. People also take this competitiveness as a respect thus making it even more interesting. Players who do not play well, often purchase items from in application purchases to skip the cleaver and hard work. This purchase is a main source of income generated by the game companies. Most of these items are the resources in the game like Elixr and Gold in Clash Of Clans by Supercell OR Diamonds and Gold in Game of War by Machine Zone Developers.

Back in old times people only played game for fun and leisure. Their was no money involved. The only money involved was the cost of equipment. Most of the games played were cricket, baseball, football, golf and chess.

Cricket originated in the Victorian era it was first played by a stick and a ball. Later, rules were applied and it was officially played by name and teams. There were tournaments. It was mostly played by the English and their colonies. In modern day it is played by the commonwealth nations and is a very popular game among a third of world population. There are many digital games of this game on smartphones and computers.

Baseball is one of the most popular game in the American stadium. It has been played by more than a century. It is a new game when compared to other games but is very interesting. It share some ideas from cricket. It can also be played on your iPhone.

Football is worlds most popular game. By many Historians, it is worlds oldest game when football was invented. It is most played game in Europe and Middle East. Football has a set of rules which players have to follow. It is also a popular game on PlayStore and App Store. This game is increasingly become popular in countries where it was once unknown.

Golf in particular is a very sporty game. It origins are disputed. It is very popular game among the wealthy. It is a game of target which often resembles with the target thinking of business men. There is a handful of games out there of it in digital environment.

Chess is by far the most interesting game on earth. It origins are accounted in India. It was played by kings. It is structured by two kings, queens and their army which includes knight and soldiers. This game has been even made more interesting by the digital environment where players can compete against the computer when there is no other player available. The other player powered by the computer is very intelligent and hard to defeat. The smartphone based application of this game has been a blessing to players who cannot find another players to play.