Game Reviews

Game of War

Game of War is one of the popular games around the Internet. It has over 100 million active users who play it regularly. Game of War is an action based game where players fight each other in the war. This game has beautiful graphics and is very less buggy. On a personal experience, the game never crashed when played for hours. The developers have really made a masterpiece. Game of War has an amazing story which makes it tempting for the players to complete the story mode of the game.

Criminal Case

Criminal Case is the most popular game of 2014 with over 100 million downloads it still rules the game market with other apps. Criminal Case is based on the story mode of a police officer who is a detective. The detective has to solve various cases using his skills and brain. He has to identify the criminals. Once the criminal is identified the mission is marked completed and the player is assigned another new case to solve. There are 4 seasons in the whole game. Each season has about 40 cases to solve. The game is also available on facebook to play. The game is designed medium level in graphics so it runs on most smartphones even with low cost hardware.

Toy Blast

Toy Blast is one of the most grossing games in the market. Released just months ago it has gathered a million users in just 15 days of its release. Toy Blast is available on various social medias to play. Its graphics is set to low for players as it is an online game. The graphics is good for players who do not have a fast internet connection. Overall, this game is best for children below 13 years.