Send Quick Kik Messages Using Your Brand New Apple Watch Series 3

Apple Watch offers the fastest way to communicate, and probably the most used features for many users is the capability to instantly reply to incoming messages with quick pre-canned responses, emojis, or a dictated message. The quick responses particularly are very useful, and Apple Watch Provides a wide range of default responses for this purpose, but an even better solution is to customize your quick reply selections to better suit your needs and communication style. To change the default message reply Choices to custom messages of your choosing, have the Apple Watch and paired iPhone handy. Customize the default quick answers to Messages on Apple Watch. Open the Apple Watch application on the paired iPhone and select My Watch.

Go to Messages and tap Default Replies. Tap into any one of the pre-canned Answers in the Default Replies list and enter your very own text. Repeat with the other default responses and exit out from the My Watch personal preferences when finished. The changes will sync to the Apple Watch rapidly and you will be capable to use them for future responses to incoming text messages. Using Quick Replies on Apple Watch. When a new message arrives on Apple Watch, raise your wrist as usual then scroll down and tap on Reply. Then select you’re the custom message you want to reply. Only iMessenger and Kik Messenger gourmettodaycookbook are the apps that would work with it.

Choose the customized Quick Reply by tapping on it and send it as a response.  These Quick Reply Choices are really useful and may be more than enough to handle Choose the customized Quick Reply by tapping on it and send it as a response. These Quick Reply Choices are really useful and till Answers to most inbound messages to the Apple Watch, at least complete answer, you can use Siri to offer a. Remember, you may always tap the mic button to use voice to text and have a complete reply written out for you too or send a voice message as you can from iPhone, both of those features work very well on Apple Watch. Features work very well on Apple Watch an Apple has a nice demonstration video of how comparable quick reply messaging feature works on Apple Watch, embedded below. Perhaps a future version of iOS will offer a comparable quick reply feature Is Based on iPhone for responding to inbound calls with a quick message the time being quick reply feature for all incoming messages in iOS, but for notification combined with Quick Type in a comparable manner.

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